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Greg Flippen and Yavapai Exterminating addresses health care concerns for your trees and shrubs.  Not only do we offer home town service from our family to yours, but we address a full spectrum of your needs in the pest control field as well as our tree service division.  Our specialty is courteous, prompt and safe control of pests in your landscape as well as your home and business.

Greg will consult with you on the best tree to plant in a given area as well as inform you of disease and insect concerns for your current landscape.  A holistic approach is used with all influences considered in the landscape which attribute to health conditions, such as construction damage, determining safe and protected zones, soils, pH balance, watering practices and nutrition needs.     You should have a vegetation protection plan before you build!  Let me help you preserve the natural beauty of your property. 

Greg offers young tree training, corrective and periodical pruning as well as surgery for the correction of defects or damage.  Greg uses the most modern internationally accepted practices, and utilizes  the most advanced pesticides and fertilizers available.        

Greg is licensed in Arizona for the application of pesticides for the control of insects and disease, while being a certified arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture.  Combined, these licenses and certifications allow me to offer solutions for all of your pest control and plant health care needs.  

Greg offers a wealth of experience in local conditions dating to 1977.  That is 34 years of local commitment to the best people and most beautiful estates and properties. 

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